Saturday 13 July 2013

Giant Dalek Invades York

This is awesome! The York Maze is one of the largest mazes in the world, and this year, it is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who. When viewed from above, the maze creates the picture of a giant Dalek, along with the faces of William Hartnell (the first Doctor) and Matt Smith (the current Doctor). The Dalek is the world's biggest-ever Dalek image, measuring 300 m long. The entire maze is 18 acres and is cut out of over one million maize plants. There are 10 km of pathways that visitors can make their way through.

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker was on hand for the opening as can be seen in the two videos below (one the press launch and the other a BBC report on the maze). I really wish I could go to this and wander around. Alas, I'm stuck across the ocean, but it's fun to imagine. For people for whom it's in reach, the maize maze is open from today, July 13 until Monday, September 2. There will be a special "Sci Fi Day" on July 27th.

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