Thursday 25 October 2012

Give a Scary Book for Hallowe'en!

I commented briefly on this great Hallowe’en tradition last year (okay, so it’s only been around for a couple of years and is mostly unknown, so it doesn’t really count as a tradition—yet), but thought I should draw attention to it again, as Hallowe’en is approaching once more. All Hallow’s Read is basically about giving someone a scary book for Hallowe’en. As Neil Gaiman explains in the introductory video, this isn’t meant to replace candy. It’s simply giving somebody you know (or don’t know) a scary book, any scary book (although it’s best to choose a book appropriate for the person you’re giving it to). It’s just a little way to help circulate more books in a day and age when the internet dominates our entertainment.

Learn more at the All Hallow’s Read website and help spread the word!


  1. Hi, a friend of mine recently told me about the Celebrity Dungeons & Dragons skit. I have been searching for it, but it seems it is no longer up on any sites. If it can no longer be hosted online, is it possible to be sent a copy?

    1. I was going to direct you to the link on this site, but then I discovered the video's no longer available on YouTube and my own copy of part 1 has a fault of some sort. I'll look into why it's no longer available and try to get another copy up online soon.