Friday 21 March 2014

Dark Dungeons: The Movie

It’s really happening. Coming this summer is Dark Dungeons, a movie based on Jack Chick’s infamous tract of the same name. The movie had a successful Kickstarter last year and the finished epic will see release in August. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, it is one of many comic-strip tracts from Chick Publishing. These tracts aim to teach people about the evils in the world (such as Dungeons & Dragons), but really just spread hatred and bigotry. Dark Dungeons tells the tale of Debbie, who joins a D&D group, only to slowly learn that the game is a gateway into real occult power. But when her friend kills herself after her character dies, Debbie repents and returns to the Lord. The tract was originally published in 1984 and is still in circulation to this day.

As I commented when the Kickstarter was running last year, I’ve been playing D&D and other roleplaying games for over thirty years. No one’s offered me real spells yet. I’m very disappointed.

Dark Dungeons, the comic, is hilarious for its absurdity, but also disturbing and frightening because it’s written in full seriousness. It’s pure fear-mongering. Thankfully, Dark Dungeons: The Movie is fully aware of what it is. It is from JR Ralls and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, makers of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (one of the funniest movies about tabletop roleplaying games ever) and JourneyQuest. It will be glorious and I can’t wait!

Check out the new trailer below and the movie’s website!

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