Tuesday 24 December 2013

Sherlock - Many Happy Returns

Sherlock returns for its third series on New Year's Day, when we'll get to learn how yet another of Steven Moffat's characters escapes death! To be fair, though, in this case, he's basically repeating what happened with Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, so he gets a pass this time. To help prepare us for the show's return after its long hiatus, today saw the release of this mini-episode, "Many Happy Returns". Have a look.

I really like Lestrade's exasperation at Anderson's conspiracy theories regarding Holmes's survival. Banging his head on the table is a nice touch. Yet amid his insistence that Holmes is dead and gone, one gets just a hint that Lestrade is still secretly hopeful. It's a great performance from Rupert Graves. Indeed, for a brief moment after he says that he's off to meet a friend, I actually expected that friend to turn out to be Holmes and we would learn that Lestrade has known all along.

Of course, that friend turns out to be Watson, who is suitably saddened and morose at his friend's death. That sadness is increased by the recording of Sherlock, which is certainly not nearly as funny as Lestrade claims it is.

I have my criticisms of Sherlock (mostly the same criticisms I have of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who), but nonetheless I enjoy the show a great deal. "Many Happy Returns" has certainly helped whet my appetite for its return.


  1. It seems like forever since season 2 aired. Looking forward to seeing this.

    1. I know what you mean. It feels like ages. It's actually been two years. The last episode came out in January 2012, but it feels even longer ago! :)

  2. Sherlock season 3 has been hovering on the horizon for so long, it's unreal to think it's only a few days more until it's actually here. It's going to be like finding a unicorn in your back garden, or meeting aliens.