Tuesday 24 December 2013

3rd Clip for The Time of the Doctor

And another one! Only one day left until "The Time of the Doctor". I'm trying my best to remain positive about it.


  1. Instant face palm. It's clips like this that make me sick to my stomach. I'm now very worried about the special. For one thing, Moffat has said he intends to wrap up plot threads (dating back to The Eleventh Hour?), but he will probably miss or ignore them altogether

    Another thing that worries me is Clara,. While u like Jenna Coleman as an actress, Clara's character has remained, at best, lackluster, and at worst, very, very, annoying. Also The Doctor as her "boyfriend"? Moffat, what are you thinking?

    In any case, i'm interested to see if Matt Smith goes out with a bang, but I have prepared for the worst. And for all reading, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    1. I think Jenna Coleman does well with what she's given, but it's actually hard to evaluate her as an actress since Clara has so little range of character (and I've never seen Coleman in anything else). Like you say, Clara is lackluster at best.

      As for wrapping up all the plot threads, I'll be very surprised if Moffat does. He'll wrap up some and throw in a bunch of new ones, probably.

      Merry Christmas!

    2. Sorry, I meant to say "I like" instead of "u like" Apologies!